Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Debugging Submit in InfoPath 2007

When you submit an InfoPath form which was opened from an existing form, so called Edit, it is hard to debug the managed code. The method that I use to resolve the problem is to put statements into the code I suspect. Just as the writelines in the early days developing without debugger. Instead of writelines I used the MessageBox.Show() command. This enabled me to pinpoint the error location.

Today I fixed a problem when submitting the InfoPath form which was caused by the fact that the file already existed in the SharePoint Document Library.

The solution was to enable a checkbox in the Data Connections of the InfoPath Form Template. Just as described in the weblogs below:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boot to Windows 7 VHD using an USB stick

This is really cool. Windows 7 can boot to VHD. To do this you have to change the BCD store of your machine. But there is more : you can also do this without changing the host machine !


  • put a (bootable) VHD on the host machine
  • create a bootable USB
  • change the BCD of the USB stick ! (point to the VHD)
The steps in detail are written in John's Post.

This enables you to boot from USB stick into a Windows 7 VHD.


you can quickly use the hardware of a system without changing the system !


You want to try Windows 7 on an XP laptop but you don’t want to change the XP laptop, because it’s the family’s laptop ;).

Try it. It’s cool !