Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boot to Windows 7 VHD using an USB stick

This is really cool. Windows 7 can boot to VHD. To do this you have to change the BCD store of your machine. But there is more : you can also do this without changing the host machine !


  • put a (bootable) VHD on the host machine
  • create a bootable USB
  • change the BCD of the USB stick ! (point to the VHD)
The steps in detail are written in John's Post.

This enables you to boot from USB stick into a Windows 7 VHD.


you can quickly use the hardware of a system without changing the system !


You want to try Windows 7 on an XP laptop but you don’t want to change the XP laptop, because it’s the family’s laptop ;).

Try it. It’s cool !

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